LEAP is an innovative
international leadership program.

We connect school leaders around the world in collaborative peer shadowing and Study Tour experiences allowing school leaders around the planet to share and learn from each other in a way never before possible.

Visit different international educational settings to explore educational leadership inBritish Columbia CanadaEnglandFinlandNew Brunswick CanadaIrelandSingaporeAlberta CanadaScotlandOntario CanadaAustraliaAlabama USA

Leading Educators Around the Planet offers:

An international leadership program for principals, deputy principals and senior education officers.

Short-term (2 x 2 week) international peer-shadowing program.

Access to individualised cutting-edge professional learning.

International Study Tours

Program Evaluation

See how LEAP has already impacted other educational leaders professional.

The LEAP experience was an excellent opportunity to meet principals from both Australia and overseas who were equally keen to learn about cutting edge educational systems which are making real gains in student outcomes. The program is ideally timed so that it has minimum interruption to school times. It was the experience of a life-time and a wonderful opportunity to make new life-long friends.
Kerry Barker, Principal, Sturt Public School
LEAP was the best professional learning I have undertaken to support my leadership of a school at a time of change. The professional dialogue and learning were invaluable and were directly applicable to my role. LEAP was a great experience which I would recommend to all school leaders.
Marianne Siokos, Director of Educational Leadership, Cowpastures Network
The inclusion in the LEAP program allowed me the opportunity to engage in a deep level of professional learning which I was able to personalize to suit my own interests and expertise. The opportunity to look beyond our system and learn from colleagues in a completely different system (Ontario) was incredibly powerful and inspired my interest in professional reading and further action research.
Jennifer Parke, Principal School Leadership

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